2017 INDIVIDUAL dues, which are $25 per year and renewed every January 1st are being collected. For a spouse, add $15 for a total of $40.00    There is no provision for a reduced fee if you pay after Jan 31st.  It can be paid at the meetings and save a stamp, or to Eric Stevens at address below.   

·         Dues, address updates, clothing orders, should be sent to 

      Eric Stevens, 429 Apache Run, Wallisville, TX 77597

Membership form can be found below and under "Club Documents" Tab 

GCGTO Club Discount

We have established with Year One a club discount for our members.  Any purchase from $1-99 will get 5% off, and $100 or more get 10% off.  Mention GCGTO and your member number to get that discount.  If your name is not on their current list, you will still get a discount by providing a photocopy of your membership card by fax or mail.  If still a problem, contact Marcie Stevens @ 1-800-935-7663 ext. 112. 

GTOAA Hotline 1-800-GTO-1964, or www.gtoaa.org

POCI Hotline 1-941-750-9234, or www.poci.org


GCGTO Membership Application Rev.16test.pdf