Presidents Letter September 2017

So much has happened since our August 24th.   The meeting was week later than our usual 3rd Thursday and it conflicted with another club that met at Hickory Hollow.   For some reason, I assumed it would be a light turn out due to the date change and also due to the looming storm Harvey that was expected to come in the next evening.   We had a great turn out and believe it not, the Ukulele club also had a great turn out.  So between not enough room in the “club and gazebo area”, plus competing against “Tiny Bubble music” we retreated to the back porch – which was actually very nice.  We had a good meeting; Dave caught us up on the various travels to the National Pontiac events as he went to all of the big three, GTOAA, POCI and Tripower Nationals.   We planned for our remaining events, chit-chatted, swapped some car parts and left for home.

Harvey came in Friday night / Saturday AM and it seemed like it was not going to have much effect on our immediate area.  Saturday AM rain was heavy, but not as bad as Memorial Day or Tax day rain events.  Personally, we headed to Home Depot to get some “Wet Patch” to fix our leaky roof near the vent stacks and to get a sump pump for the water by the garage that was rising instead of draining.  By the time we got back to the house, the rain had slowed and we did not even need the sump pump.  We figured, it was done and was just over-hype by the media.   Then Saturday night came and it rained, and rained and rained.  Sunday same thing and we were glad we had the sump pump.  By the time Sunday AM came, it was evident that this was a major situation and Houston was in trouble.  Monday and Tuesday made things worse when the dams had water releases.  

We asked all present and past GCGTO members if they were ok and if any were in a situation where they need some help.  Most of our club members came through this even with little to no damage.  We did have 3 of our club members that had a really tough time and had flooding to deal with.   Bob Rynearson wife’s Father and Stepmom lost their lives in a tragic event, please keep their family in your prayers.  Dean Hughes had some flooding in Katy, he had water in his house but his 71 GTO was fine.   He had called for help, but as soon as we hung up- he called back and said that the 2nd Baptist church was sending over a full crew.   John Reeder also had some water in the house, luckily a few inches and not more, but had several feet in the shop.  His 65 GTO was ok, but his 63 Bonneville had water into the floorboards.  He asked for help in the shop to drain the water from the manual transmissions, rear ends, tools etc.   Riley Nash, who is not a GCGTO member, but a Pontiac enthusiast reached out for any help.  He is in Beaumont and had water up to the ceilings, lost 3 classics and 3 of his everyday cars.  He had been recently released from the hospital and Beaumont was not getting the same amount of assistance as Houston.  I am so proud of our club, we had several of our members step up and make the 2 hour drive to Sour Lake TX to spend the day helping out John this last Saturday and another 2 hour drive to Beaumont to help out Riley this past Sunday.  I was glad to hear that so many of our club members have been helping out friends, family and strangers who were flooded.  For the ones helping, it was some labor and a day spent helping out someone else.  For those affected, it was so much more – it was a big step forward, being able to see some light in the enormous task in front of them.  It is humbling to see how thankful they are that they are not as bad as some others and how much of a good attitude they have.  Everything they own is at the curb of the street in a huge mountain, treasures turned to trash.  There were so many that did not have flood insurance. They will still all need your support in the future; it is a long hard road ahead for them.  As someone said, it is a marathon not a sprint.  So don’t forget them a month from now as we have moved on, they will still need support.  Even if it is just asking how they are doing, do they need some help re-building.  Be patient and kind and if you are able to help those that were affected, please do, it will do your heart and soul good too.

We have a couple of things coming up; we have our annual club picnic (Oct 22), the fall Conroe Swap-meet Nov (3-4), Autorama (Nov 21-22 move in, show 23-26 and our annual Christmas Party Dec 9. Make sure to save the dates and join us.   George Rogers and his wife have graciously offered to host the annual Christmas Party this year out in Katy, we are so grateful and hope everyone will come out.   We have Autorama coming up and it is the 50th birthday for the 67’s – We will have 3 67’s and 3 others using the Drive in Movie theme. This is not an official club event, but Sep 23rd is Pontiac Southern Nationals in Dallas as the Cavanaugh Air museum – which is a cool event as the museum holds a fly day during this event flying the old planes.  It is something to see and if you have a chance you should go.  Usually a handful to club members make the trip and have a good time.

Join us on the private Facebook page (viewable only to members) – look up groups: Gulf Coast GTOs and ask to join.  Also visit our website for information and to keep updated.  We post information on our website and will send information out periodically for events of interest, even if they are not a “club event”.  Please contact me if you have any ideas or comments on the club.  Email me directly at or to the club email address at  we also have club voicemail or Text box at 281-306-3891, leave a msg and we will call you back.  I am looking forward to your responses.