Presidents Letter Jul 2017

July is a busy month with vacations planned and all the National events going on.  I think we have a good number of our members making it to one or more of the National events this year.  Remember the POCI is just up in Ft Worth this year July 11-15 and this is a perfect time to go to one of the National events as it is so close.  It is at the Texas Motor Speedway and this is the farthest south it has been.  I’m not sure the Yankee’s are going to be able to handle the Texas heat – so we shall see how well attended it is.   Coming up soon after that is the Ames Tri-Power Nationals in Norwalk Ohio and that is always a great gathering of show cars, race cars and has the largest swap meet of the National events.  The area there is nice also and is close to Lake Erie.

We have an event this weekend – July 8th – Hemi-Hideout is having a charity event called Christmas in July.  This is their first year for this, but they will be selling various items for Christmas and getting donations for Charity.  It is open to the car clubs and open between 10-3 – we are not meeting as a group, but come on out anytime during the hours listed and we have several of our club members who will be going.  Hope to see you there.

We had an event June at the Battle ground Speedway.  We had several of our members go for the fun.  Garrett Coleman, his nephew, Eric Stevens, Mimi Siracusa and friends Mike Calhoun and Kathy Mercer.  Tommy Spencer was working the pits for a friend who ran in the Battleground Sprint Cup.  Most of us had not been to this event before and it was a lot of fun and exciting action.  Very fast moving and I am not sure how they don’t hit each other sliding around those corners.  There were several that did connect and spin out, so there was that action also.  Tommy’s friend made it to the final round of 20 cars going around all at once.  Wow – I think he came in 12th which was really good as he started in the back of the pack.   Was a fun event for those that came, glad that Tommy invited us. 

We have to make some plans for the rest of the year.  George Rogers is checking with the boss to see if he might host the annual Christmas Party this year out in Katy.   WE have Autorama coming up and it is the 50th birthday for the 67’s – so we are looking for some input on if would rather have all 67’s or have several featured and have some other year models so not all the same.  Let us know what you think?   We have the club picnic coming up and maybe another race night.

Join us on the private Facebook page (viewable only to members) – look up groups: Gulf Coast GTOs and ask to join.  Also visit our website for information and to keep updated.  We post information on our website and will send information out periodically for events of interest, even if they are not a “club event”.  Please contact me if you have any ideas or comments on the club.  Email me directly at or to the club email address at  we also have club voicemail or Text box at 281-306-3891, leave a msg and we will call you back.  I am looking forward to your responses.