Presidents Letter April 2017

March and early April has been busy.  The APA Spring Car show in Galveston was a club event and several members went March 25th.  This is always a fun show with lots to see and do at the Galveston Strand.  Despite the threat of rain, it turned out they had a nice day and enjoyed themselves.  We did not have a full report of whom all when down for the show, but Garrett Coleman got a 3rd place with his beautiful 65 GTO and he had an awesome time.

We had to change the day of the Blue Bonnet Cruise (Sunday April 2) to Saturday April 1 due to Sunday rain predictions of 100%. Turned out Saturday was a beautiful day for a cruise; it was partly sunny and low humidity.  The only unfortunate part was that many of the regular cruisers dropped out this year due to conflicts and other issues, so we only had 3 cars - two GTO’s and a Firebird on the cruise.  Randy Gilmore brought his black 70, Terry Siracusa had his gold 70 and I had the 69 green Firebird Convertible. This year we had a special guest on the cruise with us, Kerry, his wife Donna and their son Paul.  Paul had contacted the club a few weeks ago and was asking if a club member would mind giving his Dad a ride in a GTO.   Kerry had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and back when he was young, he had always wanted a GTO.  Paul had checking into buying his Dad a GTO recently, but the cost was too high.  So he thought the next best thing was to get a ride for his Dad.   We had the Blue Bonnet Cruise coming in a few weeks, so we invited them to join us and he could ride in several different models and enjoy the day if he was up for it.   Paul worked the plan with his Mom and they decided to surprise Kerry, telling them they were going to do something else.  So he was so surprised when he met us at the Bucee’s and found out he was going to be going with the Club on a cruise. We were hoping for more cars and especially a variety of different GTO models.  However, when we talked to Kerry regarding what year GTO he had wanted to get back in the day, he said he had been looking at 70 GTOs, so it was wonderful that the GTOs on the cruise were 70s.   Kerry and Donna rode with us in different cars and got a good long ride, swapping out cars on the stops.  They all had a wonderful time and joined us for the picnic before we headed back to Bucee’s to take them back to their car.   They both said it was a day to remember.   It was so wonderful to see their son take the time to arrange the special outing for his parents.  We really enjoyed their company and it felt good to give someone a little joy for the day.

The other club event was the Mecum auction.  Several of our club members worked at the auction as drivers and had a great time.  It is a lot of work, but you are having so much fun that you don’t realize you are working.  The day goes by really fast and you realize, you have not eaten or gone to the restroom all day and you are tired.  You look up to realize half the day went by.   In the newsletter one of our members worked for the first time and his experiences are outlined.

Our next event is the Texas Stagecoach collection of Frank Gilchrist on May 6th (from Mar 11).  His collection is located on Jackrabbit road in the 290/1960 area of town.  He has a huge collection and some very rare Pontiacs like one of the original 1963 Swiss Cheese Catalina racers.  We discussed meeting at the Harris County BBQ at 290/Hwy 6 for an early lunch then going to the Gilchrist place.  More details to follow. 

We will also plan to have a Drag night one Friday.  Suggestions for dates are welcome.   In May on the 20th is the Ellington Wings and Wheels show.    Then in June, Tommy Spencer is working the pits for a friend who is running in the Battleground Sprint Cup.  We were planning to make this a club event to watch the sprint cars, cheer on Tommy’s friend and have a good time.  More details to follow as it gets closer.

We had a suggestion for Seawolf Park in Galveston, the train museum.  Maybe a game at the Skeeter’s training facility or a tour of a shop that did a great job work for you or any other events you have with any other group that we might piggy back with or you had fun doing.  Let us know if anyone is interested in any of these items and we can figure out a weekend.

Join us on the private Facebook page (viewable only to members) – look up groups: Gulf Coast GTOs and ask to join.  Also visit our website for information and to keep updated.  We post information on our website and will send information out periodically for events of interest, even if they are not a “club event”.  Please contact me if you have any ideas or comments on the club.  Email me directly at or to the club email address at  we also have club voicemail or Text box at 281-306-3891, leave a msg and we will call you back.  I am looking forward to your responses.