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Subject: An Exclusive Offer to Pontiac Club Chapters and Non-Affiliated Local and Regional Clubs

A Special Offer to Pontiac Club Chapters and Non-Affiliated Local Pontiac Clubs from Poncho Perfection Magazine 

In our efforts to unite the Pontiac hobby, we at Poncho Perfection would like to make an offer that will help extend the reach of your chapter or local car club and at the same time, help acquaint your members with the newest and only commercial Pontiac magazine on the market, Poncho Perfection. 

After the losses of Pontiac Enthusiast and High Performance Pontiac, the two commercial magazines that had served us for so many years, the need for a replacement magazine in the marketplace became extremely important for the long-term survival of the Pontiac hobby. After my contract with POCI was not renewed, I saw an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to the Pontiac world. With the help of many of the people who helped make PE and HPP the great magazines that they were, we have set out to launch a magazine that the Pontiac hobby can be truly proud of. That magazine is Poncho Perfection. 

Though we are comprised entirely of experienced magazine professionals with distinguished portfolios, we are a new entity and we do need to get the word out. We are therefore, setting up a grassroots campaign that will help with your promotional activities and will let your members know about us. 

Attached is a graphic file that we ask you to put into your newsletter and on your web site to help promote our magazine. In turn, we will be happy to put a business card ad on our web site with a link to your site and will also promote your events in both the digital and print versions of Poncho Perfection Magazine- just send us a graphic!  

This is a win-win, as we are not asking for any money from you, just a little exposure to your members. This offer is for local and regional chapters of any national or international Pontiac club, as well as unaffiliated Pontiac clubs operating anywhere in the world. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 585-489-9826.

Thanks for your time and we hope that you have a joyous holiday season and a prosperous 2016!


Don Keefe, Founding Editor-in-Chief

Poncho Perfection Magazine

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Discontinued Parts:  

-Part # 15-6972 Heater core for air-conditioned 68-72 Pontiac A- and G-bodies (GTO and Grand Prix).
-Part # 499744. This is the straight heater hose fitting at the rear of the cylinder head for all '64 - '79 Pontiac V8's (except the 301).
-Part # 477682 (88960256) is the 1968-1975 one-piece balancer and is the only one that has been available for forty years. The factory is dumping them in order to reduce the inventory just before they are discontinued.

An internet group is starting a database of Engine Unit Numbers (EUN) or Motor Unit Numbers (MUN) and are in need of more data. If you can help, go to

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GTOAA Chapter Directory Websites


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Article of interest concerning tires: There sure are a lot of companies that make tires! Here's a list of the DOT codes if anyone is interested. From this you can identify who made a tire by reading the first two digits following the DOT on the sidewall...FYI... DOT Codes located on the sidewall

Buy or sell a GTO

Interesting video on how to clay bar... How to clay Bar


Generation Y Giving Cars a Pass
The generation gap is a growing, long-term headache for automakers.

By Jim Ostroff
September 14, 2010

Selling cars to young adults under 30 is proving to be a real challenge for automakers. Unlike their elders, Generation Yers own fewer cars and don’t drive much. They’re likely to see autos as a source of pollution, not as a sex or status symbol.

Motorists aged 21 to 30 now account for 14% of miles driven, down from 21% in 1995.

They’re more apt to ride mass transit to work and use car sharing services -- pioneered by Zipcar -- for longer trips. And car sharing choices are expanding, with car rental firms moving into the market, making it convenient for young folks to rent with hourly rates and easy insurance. Connect by Hertz, for example, is rolling out its car sharing services in the New York metropolitan area, with plans to eventually expand them to around 40 college campuses nationwide.

The trend won’t cause car sales to tank, of course, but the generational shift doesn’t bode well for manufacturers and auto dealers, which for decades have counted on wooing young new drivers to their brands in hopes of cementing lifetime customer relationships.

Gen Yers are a big potential market: At 80 million strong, they represent the biggest generation in U.S. history. Baby boomers are a close second, but millions of them begin turning 65 next year -- an age at which car purchases drop off sharply.

“It’s a matter of mind-set far more than affordability,” says William Draves, president of Learning Resources Network, an association that studies consumer trends and provides education and training services.

“This generation focuses its buying on computers, BlackBerrys, music and software and views commuting a few hours by car a huge productivity waste when they can work using PDAs while taking the bus and train,” says Draves.

Moreover, in survey after survey, Gen Yers say that they believe cars are damaging to the environment. Even hybrid electric vehicles don’t seem to be changing young consumers’ attitudes much.

The Auto History Preservation Society's Magazine Archive

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Engine Tuning Tip - by Mike Haluska, MCG Expert Panel

  • 5259_mopp_0603_17z_mopar_v8_engine_cam_gear_timing_low_res
  • 5260_778-66792_small

If you have been using a Timing Light to set the ignition timing on your engine and you're still not getting optimal performance, your "Mark" may have moved! On old style harmonic balancers, the outer ring (with the Timing Mark on it) may have shifted position over the years. Sometimes the rubber lining between the inner and outer ring deteriorates and the outer ring is no longer held in the original position - giving a false reference point.

To check to see if your Timing Mark is accurate, disconnect the battery ground, pull the spark plug from the Number 1 cylinder, make sure the Number 1 cylinder is coming up on the Compression Stroke, and insert a Proform#778-66792 Top Dead Center Tool. Slowly rotate the engine by hand so that the Number 1 piston is coming up (you'll hear a "whistle" noise from the TDC Tool) and STOP when the piston makes contact with the TDC Tool - mark this point on the balancer at the ZERO point on the timing scale. Now slowly rotate the engine in the OPPOSITE direction all the way around until the piston contacts the TDC Tool - mark this point as before. Exactly halfway between these two points is True Top Dead Center (TDC). If the original Timing Mark on your balancer doesn't line up with your halfway point, it is out of alignment and you should replace your harmonic balancer.

If you need additional help, ask Mike your questions for free here: